TV and media coverage for the 2021 season

We know that the BBC gave up its rights to cover F1 Grand Prix in 2016.

Channel 4 in the UK looks likely to only show the British Grand Prix live in 2021, with delayed highlights packages for all the other races. I watch the C4 highlights show as a last resort, mainly because several of their staff cannot speak English. I am afraid that "racin", "winnin", "tryin", "startin", "crashin", "steerin", etc is an assualt upon my ears. It's ok with sound muted.
I will watch most races live using either SKY (in England) or Kayo (in Australia) by using the streaming service.

Changes in management at Ferrari brought about a greater willingness for the team to engage with the media during 2019, let's hope it continues in 2021.

  March 2021