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Although I have data for Grand Prix from 2007 to 2017 the charts can no longer be displayed since the demise of Flash.

F1 is in a mess with pathetic car sound, event scheduling, skinny unwell drivers and silly rules. I will no longer attend race venues and will only watch free to air tv or relatives Sky/Foxtel while this shambles continues.

Hamilton won the 2020 Drivers Championship  and his team Mercedes won the 2020 Constructors Championship.

Daniel Ricciardo gets a dream win at the Italian Grand Prix in Monza. Lando Norris finished second making it a 1-2 for McLaren. A crash took out both Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton with Max deemed to have been mainly responsible and having a 3 place penalty for the next race.

Results from Italian GP at Monza:

 1 Ricciardo, 2 Norris, 3 Bottas, 4 Leclerc,

5 Perez, 6 Sainz, 7 Stroll

8 Alonso, 9 Russell, 10 Ocon

 Daniel Ricciardo recorded the fastest lap.

Australian and Japanese GP’s cancelled due to Covid issues.

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